This expertise group focuses on designing and developing innovative products based on local resources. Development of various innovative products and services are facilitated by four laboratories, namely:

1. Lab. Products and Industrial Processes Engineering


2. Lab. Inorganic Materials and Mineral Technology


3. Lab. Polymer Technology


4. Lab. Microbiology and Bioprocess Technology

The laboratory is aimed at research about design and development of products using biocatalyst, such as microbes and enzymes. The facilities to support the research include Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) as sterile enclosure on doing experiments, Shaker Incubators for growing microbes in liquid media and incubating samples, Liquid State Bioreactors for submerged fermentation, Solid State Bioreactors Setup for solid state fermentation, Static Incubators for growing microbes on agar slants and culture storage, Oven for drying materials, Spectrophotometers and High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) for sample analysis, and Anaerobic Operating Room for anaerobic fermentation with high safety.