Field of Interest

 1.      Industrial wastewater treatment by anaerobic processes:

  • Treating industrial effluent containing high organic concentration, such as palm oil mill effluents, tapioca processing, food and beverages industries by various anaerobic bioreactors. The bioreactor explored, namely fluidized bed bioreactors, anaerobic baffled bioreactors and anaerobic filters. Some the applications have been carried out in the industrial fields.
  • The coupling of anaerobic processes with the membrane separation (membrane biorectors). This research is mainly to enhance the capabilities of the anaerobic processes, therefore the footprint of the system will be smaller and the process will be more stable.

2.      Industrial wastewater treatment by aerobic processes:

  • Treating various industrial wastewater, such as from textile mill , tanneries, dairies, paper mills by activated sludge system and modified rotating biological contactors.
  • Studying the microorganisms role on the activated sludges systems. The reasons to do the research in this area is the problem occurs in the systems, such as bulking problems, foaming and deteoration of system performances.
  • The coupling of aerobic processes with the membrane separation (membrane bioreactors). The purpose of this research is to reduce the problem occurred in the activated sludge system and to get a more compact activated sludge systems

3.      The combination of anaerobic and aerobic processes to treat textile mill effluent

  • This research has been carried out since 1996 and gain a big interest from textile industries. The industrial application of the system has been started since 1998. Two more applications will be established this year. The industries could reduce the chemical cost and sludge treating cost.

4.      Production Biopolymer (Biodegradable Plastics) from Wastewater

  • Currently the production of biopolymer from industrial wastewater is being carried out.

5.      Water treatment:

  • Developing DAF (dissolved air flotation) to treat domestic water from river.
  • The first DAF (for water supply) installed in Indonesia partly developed in this laboratory.

6.      Enzyme Production;

  • Lignocellulosic enzyme

7.      Policy in Environmental

  • Regional Law in Indonesia Province